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Swedish Children's Clothing Brand

More than a FLING is 100% GOTS Certified Organic kids brand from Sweden. Primary basic colours mixed with various colorful unisex prints.


More than a Fling is a sub brand to the famous 100% Organic Kids brand DUNS Sweden. The price is surprisingly low due to the few numbers of colours. We are a eco friendly, unisex and happy brand! 

Hope you can feel it! It is essential for us to offer the absolute best quality, fitting and making in our unisex garments!

The entire production of DUNS Sweden is certified by GOTS and controlled by ControlUnion. All employees have a salary that exceeds the Living Wage for India with approximately 20%. (More on Living Wage

Working days are between 9 and 5. Overtime is paid and volontary. If the heat is to strong the working hours are adjusted. The unit has 20 permanent employees and 25 floating (meaning they have special knowledge and work in different units depending on if their expertice is needed).

All designs are originals made in Gothenburg, Sweden and produced by our wonderful team in our GOTS-certified production unit in India.

(CU 829572). 

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items